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Step Right Insoles

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What size Step Right Insoles do I need?

Step right Insoles size is determined by shoe size range. Below is our sizing chart, please check which range you need and trim down the excess. When trimming the insoles ONLY cut on the toe. DO NOT trim the sides or the heels or you will cut into bladder, and ruin your insoles.

Every shoe manufacturer sizes their shoes differently.  It is better to go slightly larger and trim down them than go too small and have it slid in the shoe. 



What type of sports can I do while wearing Step Right Massaging Insoles?

The insoles are designed for low-impact aerobics such as standing, walking, and dancing.  Also, Sports such as golf, bowling, pickleball.  Step Right Insoles are greatly beneficial for jogging, as the liquid absorbs impact on the heels.

Weight lifting or high jumps can put too much pressure on the insoles and cause a leak. They are designed for 500 lbs of pressure, heavy squats or jumping off truck bed tailgate can exceed that force.

Find out more about how our insoles work.


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