Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Step Right Insoles offer a warranty?

A: We offer a 3-year warranty if and only if the customer has completed filling out the warranty registration form online within 30 days of their purchase. We will gladly replace any manufacturer defects under normal usage within three (3) years from the date of purchase. Replacement after six (6) months from the date of purchase would require you to pay the shipping and handling fee of $8.95 for domestic or $10.95 for international.

Q: What conditions can Step Right Insoles help relieve?

A: Morton’s Neuroma; Plantar Fasciitis; Bunion; Heel Spur; Heel Pain; Knee Pain, Hip Pain; Lower Back Pain; Corns and Calluses; Sore and Tired feet; and Neuropathy.

Q: Does it have a high arch support for flat feet?

A: It is not an arch support, however the liquid glycerin pressurizes with your body weight and moves to equalize across your entire foot. If you have a flat foot and you pronate inward the glycerin moves to the outside and helps push up on the lateral part of the foot to even out your step. This part of your foot would not be use to the pressure so you might feel a little soreness until your foot adapts to the change.

Q: What is inside the insole?

A: Our insoles are filled with 100% non-toxic food grade glycerin. This is an FDA-approved vegetable-based liquid glycerin.

Q: Is glycerin harmful if it leaks?

A: No, even though it might leave an oily residue or slick feeling it is water soluble. It is non-toxic food grade glycerin; it can even be found in certain food recipes, cereals, and pudding.

Q: What if I already own orthotics?

A: Step Right massaging insoles can be placed on top or beneath your orthotics. Putting the insoles beneath the orthotics provides shock absorption and a gentle massage.

Q: Does it work with sandals, flip flops & heels? 

A: Yes, it can be cut to fit your sandals, flip flops and heels. You will need to place a piece of double-sided tape or soft Velcro to keep them from sliding. There are trim lines you can follow on the toe part of the insole.

Q: Is it washable?

A: Washing your insoles prolongs the life of the product. Dirt or grit can build up and create a weak spot. They can be machine or hand washed, but make sure to only air dry them. Do not put in a dryer, the heat can melt the seal. Make sure to wear both sides of the insoles to receive a longer life span.

Q: Is it possible to wear my Step Right Insoles for the entire day?

A: If you have sensitive feet or plan to do a lot of standing the first day, we suggest you take a few days to adjust to the insoles. Give your feet time to adjust to the insoles and get accustomed to the change.

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